In the honor of those on Chapecoense flight 2933

Recognition and Fundraising by Florida Cup

Given the close and personal ties between those affected by the Chapecoense tragedy and some members of the Florida Cup, tournament officials have committed to appropriately honor the victims of this terrible accident while raising funds to support the families of the lost.

Chapecoense was not a world soccer powerhouse with multi-million dollar players under contract. Rather, it was a Cinderella story in its truest form. A club that was finally making a name for itself through a passionate team campaign and unity of its players and coach. Relative unknowns whose time has come to make their mark on the global soccer stage. And on the verge of them potentially securing a very coveted Club championship in South America, tragedy struck.

People in the Florida Cup family had close relationships with Chapecoense and those on that fateful flight. As a way to honor the young lives lost, those on the verge of greatness, team staff and accompanying press on Chapecoense flight 2933, the following activities will be implemented starting on January 8:

·  #ForçaChape Bracelet - The Florida Cup and partners Prevent Senior and Adidas have created a specially branded #ForçaChape bracelet and will sell at the Florida Cup Fan Fest at i-drive 360 for $10 (2 for $15 and 3 for $20). The funds raised from the sale of the bracelet will be donated to the affected families of this terrible tragedy.

o  As an added incentive, the bracelets will be individually numbered in their inside. Random drawings will take place throughout the event. Those selected will receive upgraded experiences to the Florida Cup events, 1:1 opportunities with pro athletes and sports celebrities, and other premier sporting activities to be announced.

·  Moments of Silence – beginning with the tournament’s opening match in St. Petersburg, a special moment of silence will be held to honor the victims of the horrific crash.

·  January 15 doubleheader at UCF – Memorial to Chapecoense Flight 2933

o  Florida Cup and UCF will donate $10 from every ticket sold for the UCF doubleheader (Jan.15) to affected families of this terrible tragedy.

o  Between double header matches, at 4pm: Victims Honored

Kids walk onto the field in green and white with 22 legends of the game (Adrian Heath will serve as one of the team coaches, Cafu, Rivaldo, the sons of the Chapecoense coach – both are Montverde Academy grads).

Legends and kids give hands around the center circle to watch a video on the stadium screen in honor of Chapecoense players. A moment of silence is given. Video ends with the ‘Vamo Vamo, Chape’ cheer from the crowd.

Famous Brazilian singer Daniel sings ‘Nossa Senhora’ live on the field.

Legends take their positions and begin a 20-minute special exhibition at Bright House Networks Stadium.

o  Media Area – Spots will be honorably reserved for media members who passed away, some pre-registered to be covering the Florida Cup